Doug is the type of man who could put his personality in a bottle for the night, and accidentally use his aftershave in its place the next day. When he was five years old he entered a yellow cab in New York City and asked to be taken to his destiny, and now he’s wishing that he was a better tipper. Living deep in the heart of darkest Iowa, Doug’s friends got tired of him complaining there was no improv in Cedar Falls, and told him to create some.  And by cracky, he did.

An interview with Doug

Best food to order at a fast food place: Depends on the place. Jambalaya at Popeye’s, Whopper with ketchup, onion, and lettuce at Burger King. McDonalds – anything + fries.

Movie you wish you were in: “Hair”

Life goal: At my age you switch to “Life Regret”

Favorite thing to do in your free time: As of 2017 – Bake Bread.  No electric mixer.  Oh – and Scrabble with Ray.

Favorite comedian: Bronwyn May

Best thing about improv: Not only doesn’t the audience know what is going to happen – the actors don’t either.  Unlike scripted theater, the actors and the audience are on the same side of the unknown.

FUN FACT: I spent a year or so listening to all the episodes of the Jack Benny Radio Show in my car, and it affected my sense of humor permanently.