Blair Mirka of the House Waffle, first of her name, the slightly singed, Queen of the Netflix, the coffee and the naps. Queen of the Awkward silences. Khaleesi of the useless facts, Protector of the Puns, Lady Regnant of the 7-Elevens, Breaker of Breakable Things, and Mother of Bees.

An interview with Blair

Best food to order at a fast food place: Extra sauce.
Movie you wish you were in: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
Life goal: Travel to all 7 continents or find the perfect ratio of cereal to milk.
Favorite comedian: Robin Williams
Best thing about improv: I don’t have to remember my lines.
FUN FACT: I am a certified Scuba Diver.


In the corner of a Goodwill stands Bronwyn. She’s found a shirt with some colors that would make any normal person dizzy and nauseous. While making excessive eye contact with the eye-less mannequin, she slips the find off the unsuspecting model. The sirens go off and she makes a run for it and takes the only accomplice, the mannequin. Cut to present day and both Bronwyn and the mannequin aren’t allowed to step foot in any Taco Bell on the East Coast.

An interview with Bronwyn

Best food to order at a fast food place: Crispy chicken sandwich and fries.
Movie you wish you were in: “Mean Girls”
Life goal: Become a clothing store or restaurant owner, landscape designer, or a cast member on SNL… I have a lot of dreams.
Favorite thing to do in your free time: I work on this website. I enjoy that.
Favorite comedian: Fluffy
Best thing about improv: When a weird and special moment happens in a show that no one can predict and it makes the show unforgettable.
FUN FACT: My favorite podcast is “Good Job, Brain!”. I love all things trivia.


Danny feels like an “R” rated movie – He’s really deep and intellectual with tons of good life lessons, but as soon as your parents come in, there’s an awkward sex scene. Then you have to say “No! I promise he’s not like this normally!”

An interview with Danny

Best food to order at a fast food place: Chicken tenders. Can’t go wrong there.
Something you’re known for: Burritos.
Movie you wish you were in: “The Emperor’s New Groove” so I could hang out with Kronk.
Life goal: To improve the life of each person I meet, no matter how small.
Favorite thing to do in your free time: I’m a pretty big gamer (both of the board and video variety).
Favorite comedian: Too many… David Chappelle, Bill Burr, and John Mulaney.
Best thing about improv: The positivity 🙂
FUN FACT: I used to be a professional commentator for video games.


The most international Half-Masted member of the troupe, hailing from all of Russia, Yemen, Ukraine, and Malaysia, you would think Kamal would be spending his time being cast as the bad guy in every Hollywood action movie with facial hair to match. Instead, he spends his time pretending to understand and talk about his troupe members’ movie and song references, which has made him a pretty good improviser. With how much he likes to push the envelope, we are glad he chose Half-Masted over a guaranteed job at the Post Office, and if you catch any of our shows – so will you!

An interview with Kamal

All-time favorite jams (songs and jellies): “Atomic Man” by Portugal the Man and Gramma’s Raspberry Jam, especially when enjoyed together.

Dumbest way you’ve been injured: Running into a wall at full-speed just to win a game in gym…in front of my father. Broke my forearm in 2 places. If that doesn’t stop you from being a try-hard, nothing will. And nothing has.

What does your favorite shirt look like: It’s a collab shirt between my favorite hip-hop duo Run the Jewels and Marvel’s Punisher. It looks like testosterone.

Logan C.

Logan. A name revered throughout time, many happily believe history has already had its way with him. They would not be so lucky. Awaking from his daily slumbers, the lazily dressed, messy-haired conquistador roams the land in search of only three things: laughter, Kevin Mahogany jazz albums, and size fifteen shoes that don’t squeeze the soul out of his feet. Consistently angered by ticket processing fees, an ideal day in the life of Logan is kicking back in a La-Z Boy recliner with a cold drink in hand while watching a stock market scroll banner. He gets great delight from the vibrant LEDs of the banner, though he does not understand what they mean, as he cannot read.

An interview with Logan Czechoslovakia

Best thing to order at a fast food place: If it contains beef, chicken, pork, starch, or came from planet earth, then I am happy to eat it. Except fish. I can’t relate to fish because they don’t have legs.

Movie you wish you were in: “Tommy Boy” as a technician for Callahan Auto Parts.

Life Goal: Be so infectiously happy that other people can’t help but share the love.

Favorite Comedian: Right now? Matt Besser, Colin Mochrie, and Jim Gaffigan.

FUN FACT: I am undefeated in the board game “Munchkin” back home. Don’t try me.

Logan T.

What do you call a triangular piece of chocolate that is brilliant at comedy? Logan Tobler…one! When he’s not dressed as a chipmunk, Logan will – actually – sorry – once you see him dressed as a chipmunk, how can you say anything else? Oh Logan. Oh Chipmunk. Oh world.

An interview with Logan T.

Movie you wish you were in: I wish I was in “The Muppets”.
Life goal: To be a broadcaster.
Favorite comedian: Will Ferrell
Best thing about improv: The unique suggestions we always get to act out.
FUN FACT: I have the highest IQ level of “American Idol” out of anyone in the world. If you give me a season and a placement, I can say who that person is and possibly what song they sang the week they were eliminated.



Thou, Mallory, improv her goddess; to thy comedy her services are bound. Wherefore should we stand in the plague of budget cuts and permit the curiosity of students to wither? No, for she is some twelve or fourteen characters presented sequentially, brother, bastard, base? Her dimensions are as well compact as her mind is generous and her shape is true as honest comedy’s issue? Her brand is us.


All the way from Bogota, Colombia; beloved by Half-Masted, Buzzfeed, VOGUE, and MTV, Natalia Tinoco will take the negativity in the room, trap it in a snow globe, shake it up, and then toss it into the heart of an active volcano. That metaphor worked better in my head. Let’s talk literally: Natalia is amazing onstage and you will be delighted to see her perform!

An interview with Natalia

Best food to order at a fast food place: M&M McFlurry
Something you’re good at: Zumba


My measurements are 36″ 32″ 48″ so there is no way these hips can lie to you. I can’t say the same for my other end, but I will say that my Dad knows Bill Gates, and actually went to school will Bill Gates in Bolivia. The teacher was really mean, and said something extremely rude to Bill Gates. My Dad, the hero that he is, told that teacher that Bill Gates was the smartest most bestest guy in the whole world. And then, Albert Einstein came in and shook my Dad’s hand, and gave him the very first Nobel Peace Prize. That’s right, my Dad is Alfred Nobel. Don’t mess with me, I’m the next in line to inherit peace.