Logan C.

Logan. A name revered throughout time, many happily believe history has already had its way with him. They would not be so lucky. Awaking from his daily slumbers, the lazily dressed, messy-haired conquistador roams the land in search of only three things: laughter, Kevin Mahogany jazz albums, and size fifteen shoes that don’t squeeze the soul out of his feet. Consistently angered by ticket processing fees, an ideal day in the life of Logan is kicking back in a La-Z Boy recliner with a cold drink in hand while watching a stock market scroll banner. He gets great delight from the vibrant LEDs of the banner, though he does not understand what they mean, as he cannot read.

An interview with Logan Czechoslovakia

Best thing to order at a fast food place: If it contains beef, chicken, pork, starch, or came from planet earth, then I am happy to eat it. Except fish. I can’t relate to fish because they don’t have legs.

Movie you wish you were in: “Tommy Boy” as a technician for Callahan Auto Parts.

Life Goal: Be so infectiously happy that other people can’t help but share the love.

Favorite Comedian: Right now? Matt Besser, Colin Mochrie, and Jim Gaffigan.

FUN FACT: I am undefeated in the board game “Munchkin” back home. Don’t try me.