The most international Half-Masted member of the troupe, hailing from all of Russia, Yemen, Ukraine, and Malaysia, you would think Kamal would be spending his time being cast as the bad guy in every Hollywood action movie with facial hair to match. Instead, he spends his time pretending to understand and talk about his troupe members’ movie and song references, which has made him a pretty good improviser. With how much he likes to push the envelope, we are glad he chose Half-Masted over a guaranteed job at the Post Office, and if you catch any of our shows – so will you!

An interview with Kamal

All-time favorite jams (songs and jellies): “Atomic Man” by Portugal the Man and Gramma’s Raspberry Jam, especially when enjoyed together.

Dumbest way you’ve been injured: Running into a wall at full-speed just to win a game in gym…in front of my father. Broke my forearm in 2 places. If that doesn’t stop you from being a try-hard, nothing will. And nothing has.

What does your favorite shirt look like: It’s a collab shirt between my favorite hip-hop duo Run the Jewels and Marvel’s Punisher. It looks like testosterone.