Danny feels like an “R” rated movie – He’s really deep and intellectual with tons of good life lessons, but as soon as your parents come in, there’s an awkward sex scene. Then you have to say “No! I promise he’s not like this normally!”

An interview with Danny

Best food to order at a fast food place: Chicken tenders. Can’t go wrong there.
Something you’re known for: Burritos.
Movie you wish you were in: “The Emperor’s New Groove” so I could hang out with Kronk.
Life goal: To improve the life of each person I meet, no matter how small.
Favorite thing to do in your free time: I’m a pretty big gamer (both of the board and video variety).
Favorite comedian: Too many… David Chappelle, Bill Burr, and John Mulaney.
Best thing about improv: The positivity 🙂
FUN FACT: I used to be a professional commentator for video games.