In the corner of a Goodwill stands Bronwyn. She’s found a shirt with some colors that would make any normal person dizzy and nauseous. While making excessive eye contact with the eye-less mannequin, she slips the find off the unsuspecting model. The sirens go off and she makes a run for it and takes the only accomplice, the mannequin. Cut to present day and both Bronwyn and the mannequin aren’t allowed to step foot in any Taco Bell on the East Coast.

An interview with Bronwyn

Best food to order at a fast food place: Crispy chicken sandwich and fries.
Movie you wish you were in: “Mean Girls”
Life goal: Become a clothing store or restaurant owner, landscape designer, or a cast member on SNL… I have a lot of dreams.
Favorite thing to do in your free time: I work on this website. I enjoy that.
Favorite comedian: Fluffy
Best thing about improv: When a weird and special moment happens in a show that no one can predict and it makes the show unforgettable.
FUN FACT: My favorite podcast is “Good Job, Brain!”. I love all things trivia.